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"Composer Interviews" offer soundtrack fans a chance to find out about the latest happenings in the world of soundtracks directly from the composers themselves! Tune in to hear first-hand news about current and upcoming soundtrack productions, behind-the-scenes information, and much, much more!

Composer John Powell recently joined us for an interview to discuss his latest soundtrack for , "Happy Feet." as well as reviewing some of his key projects from 2006, including the score for "X-Men 3", "United 93" and more. We also find out if John would ever welcome the prospects of teaming up with Harry Gregson-Williams again in the future. Lastly, listen in as we take a look back at his involvment in "Chicken Run" to find out if he was aware of the great number of fans who loved to hear him "Building the Crate."

Please join us in this fantastic interview with one of the bright stars in the industry.

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