01: Star Trek, Oblivion, & Man of Steel (Click Here)
02: Games of Thrones, Excalibur (show), World War Z, & bonus material
(Click Here)
03: The Lone Ranger, After Earth, & Gagarin (Click Here)
04: Pacific Rim, White House Down, & More (Click Here)
05: Sea of Monsters, Wolverine, and Elysium (Click Here)
06: Doctor Who, City of Bones, and more (Click Here)
After years of soundtrack reviews, over 200 Composer Interviews, 2 books published on the craft, and a Documentary currently in development, I'm bringing ScoreNotes back to the basics. At this point, I'll be offering an epic list of capsule reviews that will continually be updated along with featured news and reviews off of the main page. And that's it, short and sweet. So with that, welcome back to ScoreNotes, the sequel! -- Tom Hoover

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